About Us

My Background

I grew up in the trades. My Dad was a master plumber and a true "jack-of-all -trades," teaching me how to turn a wrench before I could throw a baseball. After working with him on nights and weekends through High School, I became his full-time apprentice. I worked for many years operating a very successful home improvement business building additions, man caves, decks, porches & sheds and renovating kitchens and bathrooms. I installed roofing, tile, siding, flooring and nearly everything in between. I also worked as a part-time consultant/project manager for a successful home renovation company who specialized in renewing old houses in economically depressed urban areas.  

Since moving to Florida, I have worked as a Carpenter and Licensed Home Inspector.  

Never Stop Growing

I not only fullfill training mandates set by the State of Florida and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, I far exceed them. My goal has been to double the required training standards, while not just learning from the book, but from seeking hands-on up-to-date training from other experts in the field.